ACCUO Statement of Solidarity with Black Lives Matter

After listening to the views of its members in support of the Statement of Solidarity with Black Lives Matter, as expressed at the ACCUO AGM meeting on June 17, 2020, the executive committee fully supports the following statement:

“ACCUO stands in solidarity with the black community and condemns anti-black racism. We understand your pain and anger. Black lives matter. ACCUO is committed to promoting fairness in higher education. We know that our members in their capacity can bring meaningful change as peacemakers, gatekeepers of fairness and conflict resolvers in their institution. We know that this is not always easy.

For ACCUO members:

As ACCUO members, we believe you have the unique opportunity and capacity to act in a constructive meaningful way to address and voice concerns about racism. You are influencers in your institution. Here are some actions you can undertake:

· Audit your institution to know what they are doing to fight racism, and to address equity, diversity and inclusivity;

· Identify the programs or initiatives that are undertaken to address racism and read the reports related to these matters from your institution; and

· Education is key to fight racism, when engaging in conversations to identify systemic, individual issues and raise awareness, see if you can collaborate with:

-Student Associations, Faculty, instructors, administrative units, managers etc; and

-Human Rights Office or office of responsibility

to take action against racism by taking part in workshops, training and other events.”

Furthermore, we are happy to announce the creation of an ad hoc committee on equity, diversity, and inclusivity that will allow us collectively to take action to address racism and anti-black racism in a constructive way. If you would like to take part of this committee and have not already expressed your interest, please communicate your interest by email to the attention of Julie Boncompain at .


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