AORC Webinar – ‘Complaint Handling’ – Tuesday, March 8, 2022 (10AM SA) GMT+2

African Ombudsman Research Centre (AORC) Webinar
“Complaint Handling”
Tuesday, 8 March 2022 (10AM SA) GMT+2


‘Complaint Handling’ has been identified in AORC’s ongoing needs assessment as one of the training priorities required by African Ombudsman. In responding to this need, AORC has planned a webinar entitled ‘Complaint Handling’ for African Ombudsman and their staff. The Complaint Handling webinar would discuss the process and methodology needed to formulate an effective complaints handling procedure to provide participants with the skills and confidence to improve their handling of complaints, with the goal of reaching a satisfactory solution to the complaint. An effective Complaints Management system is a means of forming trust between the Ombudsman office, the organization being investigated and the complainants. The speakers will discuss the following:

– Establishing the root cause and taking the necessary action to resolve the complaint as well as feedback to the complainant
– Turning complaints into continuous improvement in the public sector
– The effective use of technology, the internet and social media in the complaints handling process
– Key skills and qualities needed to handle complaints effectively.

Webinar Goal: This webinar is an excellent opportunity to enhance the capacity of African Ombudsman throughout the continent in their tasks. It will also contribute to the development of skilled resources within the Ombudsman institutions to the benefit of each participating country and Africa as a whole.
Language: Simultaneous interpretation will be available in English, French, Arabic, and Portuguese.
Registration: You can register in advance and secure your place using the following link:
An official invitation, order of proceedings & details of speakers will follow soon.
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