AORC-IOI Webinar, Systemic Investigations, Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Systemic Investigations
Tuesday, June 08, 2021 / 10 AM (SA, GMT+2)

Systemic Investigations are conducted when the Office of the Ombudsman, on its own initiative, investigates government activities and practices to ensure that policies and procedures are being followed and are fair. The aim of systemic or own initiative investigations is to address systemic problems with a view to improving the public administration and to hold it accountable. Therefore, the scope of the Ombudsman’s inquiry is concerned not only with identifying individual or systemic failure but to engage with the systems of government in order to ensure systemic redress with the purpose of preventing repeated administrative failure.

The focus of the webinar will be on the following:

– What is a systemic investigation?
– What is the purpose of conducting systemic or own initiative investigations?
– What does a systemic investigation entail?
– A discussion on systemic investigation methodology.
– Planning and conducting a systemic investigation.

Webinar Goal: This Webinar is an excellent opportunity to enhance the capacity of African Ombudsman throughout the continent in their tasks relating to Systemic Investigations. It will also contribute to the development of skilled resources within the Ombudsman institutions to the benefit of each participating country and Africa as a whole.

You can register in advance and secure your place using the following link:

An official invitation, order of proceedings & details of speakers will follow.
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